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Juliana's operations in the USA extend with its 20th and largest Nightclub to date, Cinderalla Rockafella, Chicago
Juliana's acquires Bacchus
Juliana's acquires Raffles Nightclub in London
Juliana's is floated on the London Stock Exchange
Juliana's acquires Jongor to expand its hospitality division
Juliana's Raffles in Hong Kong
Juliana's innovates with new lighting and music systems from Beam and Databeat
Juliana's discotheque installations reach 300 worldwide
Juliana's Tokyo opens - the worlds first and most successful Superclub
Juliana's forms new Hospitality Power & Lighting Division for Rugby World Cup
Juliana's contracted for the opening of the QEII Bridge by Her Majesty the Queen
Juliana's for Forbes Europe in Honour of 40th President of USA Ronald Reagan
Juliana's becomes first Western Discotheque in Russia for the Metropol, Moscow

Juliana's Tokyo - produces the worlds first mixed club sessions CDs
Juliana's Island Nightclub at Cowes, the first Sporting Event Superclub
Juliana's contracted for Lighting for London Fashion Week at the Ritz
Juliana's Polo Team -